Desktop Publishing: Publication of Independent Student Newspapers, Yerevan
The YSCSA youngest members established the "Independent Student Newspaper Club" in 2003, where they collected the opinions, articles and news from the students of their age and published the “Crush” newspaper as their first effort in desktop publishing. This initiative of the students was meant to promote free and independent media. Students wanted to be heard and express their views. The first volume of 2003 is attached the present application. In another follow-up program, five students and two teachers from Schools N190 and N65, led by YCSCA board member, computer specialist Anna Karakhanyan, that were enrolled in a three-week workshop on desktop publishing. Two bilingual student-run newsletters have now been launched. HYE-Light from School  N65 and HYE-Views from School N190.
YCSCA members have published 3 newsletters and 4 Issues of the "Armenian Exchange" written by inbound students at schools N65 and N190 on creating a civil society.





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