Exchange follow-on projects
In addition to the above projects, we have organized other highly successful projects in the past few years financed through in-kind contributions from our volunteers and members, and from CYSCA:

Seminar for Gyumri educators, October 10, 1998 (65 attendees)
Conference for Hrazdan entrepreneurs, October 16-18, 1998 (131) attendees)
Training program for 40 Gyumri inner city school teachers for 16 weeks in 1998
Hrazdan Business Association established in January, 1999
Training of 940 village school teachers in 56 villages in Shirak Province, fall 1998
Training of 750 village school teachers in 25 villages in Artik region, fall 2000

Business Skills Training for 25 entrepreneurs in Sissian, repeated in Meghrl, fall 2000





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