We are indeed so proud of her accomplishments. We thank David Deranian, Digital Arts and Sciences in Belmont, for being her computer educator for this program which launched her into publishing her own newspaper "CRUSH!" We thank Jack Medzorian whose idea it was to teach QUARK Express. We thank Seta Sullivan for turning her basement into a "press room" and supplying the students with computers and learning space. We thank her Yerevan teacher, Anna Karakhanyan who provided continuous support and tech efforts when Victoria needed it. We appreciate the partnership of #190 and Arlington High School, for the use of their computer room and training offered by computer teacher, Dennis Mercurio . We thank Carolyn Lantz for supporting this follow-on-idea; and DOS, BCE for funding this follow on program which taped Vicky's talents and unleashed her creative powers! And we thank CYSCA's Executive Board for helping to underwrite the first issue of CRUSH by taking out an advertisement. It has taken a village; but, each of you has contributed to Victoria's success.
The most poignant sentence in Victoria's application was: "Before the CYSCA Desk Top Publishing program my ambition was to be an inerpreter. After this program I have learned that I do not only have to be a translator of other people's ideas, but that I can have ideas of my own."





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