Since 1994 YCSCA a registered Armenian NGO - has conducted nine annual youth exchanges and school partnership projects in cooperation with sister organization in the U.S. the Cambridge Yerevan Sister Cities Association (CYSCA). Our exchange alumni number approximately 90 number of youth in Armenia as well as several teachers/administrators. Many of them have become active and assumed leadership roles in Armenia.In addition, our alumni in Armenia include 96 professionals, including educators, entrepreneurs, environmental specialists, and employment specialists, whom our sister organization in USA hosted since 1998 under Community Connections program. Our sister city relationship is strengthened by the participation of many of these alumni.The exchange alumni help us ensure the continuation of the partnerships created during the proposed program. Their English skills improved greatly during their visits to the U.S., so did their understanding of civil society, through language and cultural immersion and working side by side with Americans in their joint projects.
Helping support Makur Yerevan was a natural extension of YCSCA's mission to promote social responsibility and leadership amongst the youth. Student alumni of prior CYSCA-YCSCA exchange programs participated in a number of the monthly clean-ups.
Desktop Publishing: Publication of Independent Student Newspapers, Yerevan The YSCSA youngest members established the "Independent Student Newspaper Club" in 2003.
In addition to the above projects, we have organized other highly successful projects in the past few years financed through in-kind contributions from our volunteers and members, and from CYSCA





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